Vacuum drying furnace with automatic closure system


Our client is active in the field of high voltage measurement technology. Due to the high degree of specialization, our client produces many of their own tools and builds much of their manufacturing facilities. They have been looking for a competent partner for the detailed construction and the production of their special furnaces (or oven?).


Having accepted the opportunity, L+M presented and discussed multiple solutions with the client . After the best solution had been agreed upon, our engineering team specified the functional requirements and prepared the final design.  Our production department then implemented the solution.

The drying furnace consisted of an insulated furnace housing, automatic closure system, and custom-made loading trolleys. The housing is designed for an operating temperature of 160 °c and is vacuumed up to 0.05 mbar (“fine vacuum”). Various measuring spigots and a viewing window guarantee a complete monitoring of the drying process.  The final testing of the furnace was successfully carried out together with the client.