Transport containers for generator rotors up to 18m


The 18m long rotor of a generator with a diameter of 1500mm should be transported safely and stored in a protected environment. A constant overpressure of 0.5 bar prevents any contact with oxygen. During transport, forces up to 1g from any direction can affect the system.

A complete solution was expected.  From engineering to production, we were able to supply everything from a single source.


A container consisting of two flanged half shells was connected by about 300 screws. The structure was built on a massive base frame, over which the total load of 115t could be raised.

In operation, two gas cylinders hold the required pressure of 0.5 bar. An overpressure valve prevents an unacceptable pressure increase due to climatically induced external influences.

The container was built and tested to be CE compliant as a pressure vessel.