Project for turning device from Exterior enclosures/Casings (35T)


The housing parts of various sizes and dimensions up to 35, 000kg must be brought into a booth for spraying so the parts can be painted evenly on all sides. The request was for a gantry crane under whose suspended load the personnel should spray the parts.


The request for a solution under a suspended load was not possible for safety reasons.  The specifications, requirements and problematic issues  were discussed in detail with the client during various on-site visits in an effort to fully understand and appreciate the needs of the client.

  • L + M devised a concept for a process-oriented modular system consisting of the following:
  • Transport trolley (load capacity up to 50t) for forklifts – universally applicable
  • Attached hydraulically actuated turning device
  • Adaptive load sensor for the wide range of external housings

With this practical and process-oriented solution, the need to spray internal transport items and large components could be addressed at the same time.

The design was developed according to the MRLs 2006/42/EC guidelines and in accordance with all safety consideration.