High precision measuring device Ø to 19M


For  assembly of the circularity of the stator,  the sheet metal that is it comprised of  must be continously controlled.  First, the structural frame of the sheet metal is measured and recorded. It is then measured in an increasing amount of layers.  A minimum gap of 18, 800mm in diameter and a height of 3000mm should  remain between the stator and the generator.


L + M carried out a preliminary study in order to determine the appropriate measurement method.  It was necessary for us to take over the design, calculation and engineering as well as construction and assembly.  For a rough calculation of the site operation a rod micrometer, with the support of a laser measuring device was used.  Periodically 200 measurements of data was read via PC interface.  The measuring device was equipped with spielfreien and stiff bearings.  The base frame for the support or inclusion of the pivot (or rotary) bearings is rigid, as well as the column with the height guidance.  The boom with micrometer and laser was equipped with a counterweight, as well as with  pretensioned ropes.  With a manual control, the boom was adjusted in height mechanically.  The power supply was carried via a rotary distributor on the terminal box at the pivot column.  All cables were run with Steckerkupplungen.