Generator transport frame air freight 190 tonnes


Various power plant components were required to be shipped from Frankfurt, Hahn to Armenia.  Extenduating circumstances required that all large components be flown into Armenia.  Theoretically the Antonov 225, the world’s largest transport aircraft,  can accommodate the 174 tons of heavy generator stator.  An intermediate frame weighing a maximum of 14 ‘ 000kg must distribute the load when inside the hold of the aircraft.  The frame must be constructed according to detailed specifications of the aircraft engineers.


L + M accepted the challenge and worked closely with all parties to provide a solution.  Over 16m in length,   the transport frame – with the closest production tolerances – was  produced on-time in our factory in Remigen.  In a final step, the frame was precisely measured by laser, tested and released.  The expertise and commitment of the personnel in our workshop is reflected in the success of the  project.  Everything fit together perfectly, and L+M became part of history.  A world record was set – the largest, and heaviest item ever transported by air freight was successfully sent to Armenia.