Market Services


  • Solution based results developed by a team
  • Focus on client benefits coupled with optimal manufacturing processes
  • Fast, concrete solutions
  • Technical, consistent and well thought-out
  • Cost efficiency through manufacturing oriented thinking


  • From concept to creation
  • Cost-effective manufacturing oriented engineering
  • From hand sketches to the fully developed 3d model
  • Development according to the Machinery Directive guidelines
  • Static documented evidence as required
  • Seismic calculations as required
  • CE compliant from A-Z
  • Documentation according to client specification or MRL in all languages


  • The right solution for every challenge
  • Precision and quality are at the heart of our workmanship
  • Welding of the highest standard, recasting, surface finishing, mechanical processing, etc.
  • Final assembly of modules or components, as well as turn-key systems, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic construction including sound and thermal insulation
  • Over 60 procedural tests (WPQR), numerous WPS and work samples, also for the nuclear sector
  • MAG, MIG, TIG, electrodes, semi-automatic, orbital welding
  • Black steel, chromium steels, heat treatable steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Hardox, copper, aluminum, etc.


  • Tested quality according to internal or client specifications
  • Our company is tested according to: ISO9001, ISO3834, EN15085, EN1090
  • Applied standards: ISO, EN, AWS and ASME
  • Documented quality according to production inspection plans and test reports
  • Non-Destructive Testing: VT, PT, MT, UT, RT, laser measurements
  • System tests and test runs, load tests, sound measurements, pressure tests, vacuum tests, fatigue tests, surface tests, etc.


  • Packaging according to international standards
  • and/or client specifications
  • As heavy transport, in wooden crates or in standard containers
  • Worldwide shipping, including export documents
  • On-site final assembly – worldwide
  • Supervisors, advisors – worldwide


MAG TIG electrodes welding
X-Ray safe
Fine grained steels, chromium steels, colored metals
Heavy duty welded wheels or impellers for compressors and generator fans
Railway technology
Mechanical Engineering
Apparatus manufacturing
Structural steel EN1090
Pressure vessels, regenerators
Industrial ventilation up to 30‘000Pa, 32‘000m3/h, 250°C
Industrial standard dust removal system, also ATEX
Cooling systems
Filteration systems
Thermal insulation
Acoustic Insulation
Transport containers up to 30m (98.4 ft) in length, with a 320t load capacity
Nitrogen containers for long-term storage
Transport frame for heavy load cargo (capacity to that of Antonov 225)
Lifting bollards (heavy duty)
Lifting crossbeams
Design, testing and production
Coated sealing rings
Hot gas parts in Inconell und Hasteloy
Welded copper coils
Fan wheels, Gasleitringe turbo generator
Ventilation systems, including control system, thermal and acoustic insulation
Heat shields welded in chromium steel
Insulated copper connections
Generator covers (pit covers) steel, chromium steel, incl. acoustic insulation
Slip ring hoods, winding formwork, air guide covers
Mounting fixtures
Coal – / Break dust removal
Pressed sheets/plates
Laminated rotor poles for ring motors/generators
Chassis frames and chassis components for circulating, monorail and commuter trains
Catenary wire mounting and support
Supporting framework
Railway safety
Cooper connections
Beschichtung Weichengleitplatten
Assembly resources
Erection platforms
Assembly – Transportation
Turning devices
Turning devices
Personal protection systems
Impact protection systems
Design, testing, manufacturing as well as CE-conformity
Welded assemblies
Mechanical final assembly
Assembly of electronic components
Assembly of pneumatic and hydraulic components
Final inspection with test reports

After sales

  • Replacement spare parts for our products available for up to 40 years
  • Developments and redesigns to existing components
  • Delivery of parts including documentation
  • On-site installation as needed