Swivel support or SWING SOCKET for freight Trains EN15085-CL1


The swing sockets must be welded to the consoles of the base.  Material pairs from the fine steels S460NL, S690QL, S890QL and S355J2 + N result. Since the parts cannot be rotated in the factory, the brackets must be welded to the base in different positions (overhead, rising and  flat).


The console and swivel arm were measured and the weld preparation was carried out according to the adapted drawing. The welding process could be verified by means of two working samples.  The working samples were tested on 9 sections with macro-cut and color penetration test. The procedure was implemented according to the test and production sequence plan. Welded with constant preheating and various seam forms such as: fillet, V-, HV-, y-seams. The welding seams with a quality of CP C2 were inspected visually and the magnetic powder was removed after 2 days.